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1980'S Family business


Our company was established in 2003 with the purpose of manufacturing autoclave vulcanized shoes for the Spanish and Japanese market. With all efforts and resources and a global strategy, we've managed to make the company well-known and appreciated worldwide. Starting with a production of 60,000 pairs/year, we are currently exporting about 250,000 pairs of shoes/year to countries such as Japan, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, South Korea, UK, Hungary, etc. for more than 35 brands.


Clean, high tech, this is the factory of 


Now, to fully explain how our shoes are made, you have to image yourself in a hot, steamy, noisy, grimy and polluting factory in the middle of Guangdong provice, where thousands of people are employed in largely low skilled line positions. Now that you have that image in mind, erase it, and think about a newly established, clean and cool environment of a European factory. Today's factories are changing and are becoming more environmental friendly, employee oriented, allowing everyone within the company to feel comfortable with their team, department and role. 

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A must have crepe natural rubber outsole


The sole of our sneakers is unique due to its high percentage of natural rubber. Natural rubber crepe soles are one of EUROFINA's signature features. This premium material has become a true rarity nowadays and very few manufacturers are using this material as it requires high experience to process the soft crepe material. The high percentage of crepe makes the sole very flexible, durable and breaking in sides does not occur.

natural rubber crepe.jpg
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