Autoclave handmade vulcanized shoes


EUROFINA is one of the few autoclave vulcanized shoes manufacturer in Europe. Vulcanization is the process for transforming natural rubber into a cured, more durable rubber. It will become less sticky and since the rubber normally melts slightly in the controlled vulcanization process, making it bond with surrounding materials. This replaces cement (glue) to a large extent. This is a great feature for footwear which has been used for long time. Vulcanization is mainly used sneaker production but a big variety of shoes can be produced with this technique.

At first, under a different name and in a different location, we were manufacturing vulcanized boots for the NATO army (more than 30 years ago) using a natural rubber recipe developed by them in collaboration with a famous tire manufacturing company. We were producing about 1,000,000 pairs/month with more than 2,500 employees. Our company's shoes were well-known during the communist time, before 1989, when everyone in Romania was wearing them. Since 2003, the company has been rebranded and turned into a family business, relocating to a new area with new buildings and facilities, improving conditions and environment for its employees. 

Tradition and Innovation in vulcanized shoes

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